Island Gourmet Catering by Chef Ilona

Buffet Menu




Island Curried Shrimp
(Plump juicy shrimp smothered in a rich curry ginger sauce with onions.)



Brown-Stewed Ono



(Pan-fried then smothered with tomatoes and onions in brown gravy.)



Mahi-Mahi Escabeche



(Deep fired and topped with a warm vinaigrette of onions, carrots & hot peppers.)
Snapper / King Fish Run Down
(Cooked Down in a rich coconut sauce with tomatoes, onions, thyme and hot peppers.)



Steamed Snapper
(Whole snapper steamed in a ginger, scallion and butter sauce.)



Grilled Salmon
(Grilled to perfection and glazed with a butter rum ginger sauce.)



Curry Coconut Salmon
(Salmon smothered in a rich coconut curry sauce with onions and tomatoes)
Pan-Blackened Salmon
(Seasoned with a blend of Cajun & Caribbean spices then pan-blackened to sear in the juices.)



Vegetarian Delights





Veggie Chili (Seasonal)
(This meatless chili has a rich hearty texture, beans, onions, spicy protein, tomatoes chili peppers and parsley)



Veggie Salmon (Your Way)
(Blackened brown-stewed, curried coconut and run-down with choice of two sides)



Curried Veggie Chicken
(It's not chicken! - texturized soy-protein cooked in a rich curry sauce with onions, pimento, potatoes and ginger with choice of one side)



Brown-stewed Veggie Chicken
(Pan-fried then smothered in a rich brown gravy with onions and tomatoes with choice of one side- This dish can become a habit)






Vegetable Risotto Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms
    - Giant Mushroom Caps stuffed with a creamy Vegetable Risotto and
      topped with Parmesan Cheese
- 23.95



Side Dish: Roasted Vegetables with Garlic



Vegetarian Enchiladas
    - Mexican Corn Tortilla Enchiladas rolled with a filling made of Zucchini,
      Mushrooms, Corn, Onions, and Sweet Potatoes topped with Mexican
      Tomato Sauce and Cheese
– 24.50



Side Dish: Mexican Rice



Vegetable Pesto Lasagna
    - Lasagna layered with a three Cheese and Herb mixture, Steamed Carrots
      and Squash, Sautéed Mushrooms, Pesto Cream Sauce and finished with
      Parmesan Cheese.



Fresh Vegetable & Tofu Stir-Fry
    - Fresh Vegetables and Tofu marinated in a Light Soy and Hoisin Sauce -22.95



Confetti Vegetable Curry
    - Sweet Potatoes, Zucchini, Mushrooms, Red Bell Peppers, Corn, and Peas
      in a Curry Tomato Sauce.



Side Dish: Dried Fruit Couscous
- Couscous mixed with Apricot, Dates, Cherries, and Raisins













Rice and Peas



Brown Rice



Steamed Cabbage



Garlic Mashed Potatoes



Macaroni & Cheese



Candied Yams



Polenta (turned corn meal)



Potato Salad








Island Iced Tea



Kona Coffee



Fruit Punch



Hawaiian Lemonade



Iced Tea



Fresh Squeezed Cane Juice (seasonal)



Carrot Juices
Carrot/Apple/Parsley Carrot/Celery/Parsley



Passion Fruit Drink






Haupia Pie



Peach Cobbler



Carrot Cake



Pistachio Cake



Sweet Potato Pie



Minced Fruit Pie



Lemon Pound Cake



Apple Cinnamon Cake



Coconut Pineapple Cake



Chocolate Rum / Apricot Cake



Almond Cake with Apricot Glaze



Bread Pudding w/Rum Sauce














 Menu Subject to change without notice


Island Gourmet Catering
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